The PM From Snowy River 2.0

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There was movement in the nation, for the word had passed around
That the gas from Cooper Basin got away,
And had joined the LNG trains – it was to Asia bound.
So all the pollies had gathered to the fray.
All the tried and noted blowhards from parliaments near and far
Had mustered for the crisis overnight,
For the pollies love hard lying when the electorate’s ajar
And the media snuff the battle with delight.

There was Turnbull, who made his pile when email was a pup,
A fizza with the right wing round his neck;
But few can blather like him over policy stuffed up –
He would cover with agile rhetoric.

And Josh Frydenberg of Kooyong came down to lend a hand,
No better fall guy ever kept straight face
For never facts could throw him from talking points quite bland,
He learnt debating in the Young Liberals space.

And Jay was there, the leader of a dark and windy state,
He was something like a pollie on the edge,
With a touch of Labor training, and no majority you’d rate,
He had nothing left to lose with a big sledge.

So Weatherill rode to wheel them – he was going all left wing
With controls and ownership by the State,
And he raced his power plant past them, and he made the cockies sing
With royalties to open up the gate.

The federals halted for a moment, while the public swung to Jay,
But Turnbull saw a sure-fire PR stunt in full view,
And he charged beyond young Weatherill with a sharp and sudden play,
And into the Snowy Mountains Scheme he flew.

It sent the headlines flying but the PM kept his feet,
He cleared 2 billion dollars in his stride.
And the PM for Snowy River had the feasibility complete
Before it started. What great political hide.

With no EIS or studies, on the rough and broken science,
Pushing water uphill he wildly went
And he never drew his breath till he landed with defiance
At the peak of water storage’s ascent.

And down by Kosciusko, where the snow gum ridges raise
Their torn and rugged battlements on high,
Where the air is clear as crystal, and the white stars fairly blaze
At midnight in the cold and frosty sky,
And wherever there’s a ballot box and voters swing and sway
To the enticements of politicians from both sides
Snowy River two point zero is a household word to-day,
And will be – until the next drought abides.

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